[Solved] Best Industry Pizza or the fast food 2022


Pizza Industry

Pizza or the fast food industry is monopolistically competitive for obvious reasons,
It is not monopoly, there are hundreds of small big shops and restaurants around the globe.
Nor is the industry perfectly competitive.
It is not oligopoly with few highly dominated papa john’s sellers. 
Pizza industry is as large as multinational franchises like , Dominoes, Papa John’s etc
and as small as mom and pop  deli’s or restaurants. Structure of each sector is complex as well
as simple depending on the scale of thee business. 

Multi National Chains believe in delivering same quality with affordable prices with bulk raw materials, industry defined recipes and highly curated process of delivery; whereas small scale dominoes joints have customer service, quality to delivered with
every foot fall in their premises.

Feedback for large industry chains depends on large customer based and highly on advertisements,
while small joints thrive on regional specific tastes and regional raw materials



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