Case Study:  Immediate Issues and/or Problems

case study of the immediate issues/problems/challenges facing you as the newly appointed (and first ever) SPOC on the Clean Clear® Integrated Agency Team, and define the decisions that need to be made and the actions that need to be taken by you and others to address these issues and challenges? You have got two big issues over the next four (4) weeks – Skittles and Clean&Clear – what will be your priorities?

Associated Issues

Identify List out any other issues that you believe are important to consider or might influence your decision making. Are there any “higher level” issues or long-term issues for your agency (DC&H), the partner agencies, and the Clean&Clear brand team that you believe are in play – either directly or indirectly – that you need to consider and/or address in determining your next steps?

Immediate Your Game Plan

What is your plan to process not only your promotion, but then begin building out and communicating your transition plan to the C&C brand team, partner agencies, and of course, internally within the DC&H organization? No one has had the SPOC role on the Clean& Clear® brand prior to you, so who are you going to rely on to help you build your understanding of the category, the brand, and the scope + relationships the partner agencies have with the C&C brand team at J&J? And do not forget, you need to leave the Skittles client, your successor, and the entire Skittles account team in great shape.

Immediate Speaking of Next Steps …

This case seems like it is nothing but next steps … map out your four-week transition plan. And remember, you are most likely not going to have all the information that you need to build out your plan. You are going to have to improvise, adapt and overcome

Your Learning Moment(s) Immediate 

What are the two-or-three “learning moments” that you took away from this case that you believe will be helpful to you as you move into the world of marketing communica solv


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