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How to write in concise style in 2023

To write concise, be direct and to the point. Avoid unnecessary words and phrases, and get to the heart of your message as quickly as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice clarity or style, but it does mean being mindful of your word count and using every word to your advantage.

Here are some tips for writing concise:

1. Use strong verbs. Verbs are the workhorses of your sentences, so choose them carefully. Strong verbs convey action and meaning more effectively than weak verbs. For example, instead of saying “The dog was running in the park,” you could say “The dog raced through the park.”

2. Avoid unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. Adverbs and adjectives can add detail and color to your writing, but they can also be overused. If you can, try to use strong verbs and nouns instead of adverbs and adjectives. For example, instead of saying “The man walked slowly down the street,” you could say “The man ambled down the street.”

3. Delete unnecessary words and phrases. Take a close look at your writing and see if there are any words or phrases that you can delete without losing any meaning. For example, instead of saying “I would like to thank you for your consideration of this matter,” you could simply say “Thank you for your consideration.”

4. Use active voice instead of passive voice. Active voice is more direct and concise than passive voice. For example, instead of saying “The report was written by the committee,” you could say “The committee wrote the report.”

5. Be specific. Instead of using vague language, be as specific as possible. For example, instead of saying “The house was big,” you could say “The house was a four-bedroom, three-bathroom colonial.”

6. Vary your sentence structure. To keep your writing interesting and engaging, vary your sentence structure. Avoid starting every sentence with the same word or phrase.

7. Proofread carefully. Once you’re finished writing, proofread your work carefully to catch any errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. You can also use a word processor’s grammar checker to help you identify and correct errors and concise.

  • Plan your writing ahead of time. Before you start writing, take some time to plan what you want to say. This will help you to write more efficiently and avoid wasting time on unnecessary tangents.
  • Write a draft first. Don’t worry about making your writing perfect on the first draft. Just get your thoughts down on paper (or on the screen). Once you have a draft, you can go back and edit it to make it more concise and polished.
  • Get feedback from others. Ask a friend, family member, or colleague to read your writing and give you feedback. They may be able to identify areas where you can improve your concise.

Here is an example of how to make your writing more concise:


The recent increase in the price of gasoline has had a significant impact on the transportation industry. Many trucking companies have been forced to raise their rates, which has led to an increase in the cost of goods and services for consumers. The government has taken some steps to address the issue, such as releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but these measures have not been enough to bring prices down to a sustainable level. The transportation industry is calling on the government to do more to help, such as providing tax breaks for fuel-efficient vehicles and investing in alternative energy sources.


Gasoline prices have surged, forcing trucking companies to raise rates, which has increased the cost of goods and services for consumers. The government’s efforts to bring prices down have not been enough. The transportation industry is calling for tax breaks and investment in alternative energy.

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